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[WinAPI/API] Get Permissions of folder


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Short Version: For automating permissions of folders i need the ability to view the currently configured permissions for a folder, this is an essential feature. Can you please create a report or a api method for getting folder permissions, thanks.


Long Version:
In another post you said, that we should use the predefined reports to get permissions of folders/passwords/passwordlists via the API.

But I cannot find a report where I can view the permissions of a folder. Only for Passwords and Password Lists.


Password Permissions: Report 43: https://passwordstate/winapi/reporting/43?SiteID=0
PasswordList Permissions: Report 23: https://passwordlist/winapi/reporting/23?SiteID=0


It seems to me that Report 23 is only for Password Lists, Report 43 is only for Passwords. Report 24 & 25 are for users and groups (reverse).

Report 38 is for folders, but the result is only a count on the administrators of the folder.



I had tested all permission reports, they work and I can use them for many purposes (thanks for this). But unfortunately, as I said, I'm missing a report about folder permissions.

Which report should i use? Or can't you introduce a new property in the API for this?



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