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Ansible module for pushing/retrieving passwords (using Win api)


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Does any one has an y idea if passwordstate can be integrates into ansible/ansible tower to store and retrieve passwords? 

I know that there are 2 api keys. 

Winapi and the 'normal' one


I want to restrict access to a passwords list based op api key. (api key can only read/write to one list). So I think I need the win api key since the 'normal' key has all access? Any one an idea how to get started with this?

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We have two types of API's that can be used - the Standard API requires the use of API Keys, and the Windows Integrated API does not require the use of any API Keys - not sure if you could use this API with Ansible though, as the call to the API needs to be made under the security context of an Active Directory user account in Passwordstate.


With the Standard API, you can have per Password List API Keys, and you can also restrict what type of calls are allowed to be made. Simply edit the properties of your Password List, and you will see the screen below.




We hope this helps.


Click Studios

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