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Password Expiration Timer


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We are testing by deploying PS, so far we are pretty impressed but we have hit a situation which seems to be a show-stopper. 


We are a Managed Service Provider and have a pretty large helpdesk, we use Remote Desktop Manager and your integration with that is paramount. The need for a new password solution really comes down to rotation but we haven't found a way to accomplish what we want and hope through some wise guidance we can. 

Specifically, we need a mechanism to expire passwords automatically once viewed without having to check out/in on an interval. 


Example: Helpdesk user 1 can login to a session in Remote Desktop Manager and as the password has been utilized it is now set to expire in 8 hours(and be rotated). Helpdesk user 2 needs to login, and can but it resets the timer for another 8 hours and so fourth. 

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Hello cladmonitor,


Unfrotunately we do not have this sort of functionality with Remote Desktop Manager, but we do have it with both of our Remote Session Launchers - fully understand that you do not wish to change to using either of those though.


Click Studios

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