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One Time Passwords


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We are really struggling to understand the implementation for OTP within PS.

Here are the paths we need clarification on:

- To get an OTP you need to edit the entry every time, we don't see a way to have it displayed as a copyable field otherwise.

- If we use the template for the OTP password list, each entry requires a password? I suppose we could simply modify the template to make it not the case but then we are not sure why you have a separate list template called OTP then.

- in Both APIs (Standard and Win) there is no way to retrieve the OTP?

Hoping you can give us some direction on its intended use.

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Hi Cladmonitor,


Questions 1 & 3 are complete and these new features will be available in Version 9 of Passwordstate, due out in approximately 2 - 3 weeks.  In V9, you will be able to copy the current OTP code directly from the Passwords Grid:



Some people do use the password in conjunction with the OTP, for things like websites that require this.  But once you create your Password List based off the template, you can edit the Password List and remove the password field altogether, or maybe just deselect the Mandatory option for the Password field.


Hope this helps,






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