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Upgrading to Windows Server 2019


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We are exploring options for upgrading our current non-HA installation currently running on 2012R2 to Server 2019.  We reviewed these instructions on how to move PasswordState to a new server, but it would be really great if we could simply do an in-place upgrade to 2019.  Haven't found any specific docs regarding that, but I do see PasswordState is supported on 2019.


Does anyone if this is a supported migration from 2012r2 to 2019?  Any experience or gotchas we should be aware of?



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Hi Paul,


There should be nothing specific needed for Passwordstate for this OS upgrade, as long as your Server 2012R2 install has the following - which it should if you're using version 8 of our software - Microsoft .NET framework 4.5 or above, PowerShell 4.0 or above, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Native Client.

I'd also install .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher, as version 9 will require this when released - eatly next year.


Click Studios

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