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Individual password permission


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Hi, we have searched in documentation but couldn't find the best way to achieve our needs.

Our situation:

we have a password list that is accessibile to a group.

Inside that password list imagine that we have these passwords:

user1, user2, user3, admin

What we want is that single password for "admin" must have additional protection.

Example: a user that can access to that password list, does not have access to "admin" individual password.

For additional protection I mean any of these solutions:

- prevent a user/group to access to that password (but in individual password permission I can only add permission, not revoke, correct?)

- notify an administrator that someone has accessed that password

- ask an administrator to allow one time access to that password

- any other way to achieve  that need


We know (and we already use in other situations) the solution to create another password list, gives different permissions, and link only passwords that we want to allow to be viewed,

but as we have a lot of these situations, create multiple password list is not efficient.




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Hi Claudio,

Thanks for your post, and unfortunately we do not have a feature for what you are requesting - we were going to suggest separate Password Lists like you mentioned.


If this is something you need, can you please log it in the Feature Request sections, so we can prioritise the request based on the voting system?


Click Studios

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