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Selfdestruct Internal Error 500 - Brand New Install


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Installed Passwordstate v8.9 Build 8991 for evaluation:

  • Windows Server 2019 Standard, Clean Install with IIS
  • SQL Server Express 2019
  • Base URL: https://internal_fqdn:9119
  • /selfdestruct/ shown as Application in IIS Manager


Selecting "Save" in System Settings produces this error:



Viewing the Error Console provides the following errors (note: no AV installed on system):



Visiting the /selfdestruct/ URL produces the following error:



Any idea what could be the issue? As mentioned, this is a brand new installation of everything for evaulation. Installation instructions were followed to get to this point.



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Could you please check the following for us? With the screenshot below of the key for your Self Destruct feature, have a look at the file C:\inetpub\Passwordstate\selfdestruct\web.config file and see if it matches?


If it does, can you also do the following for us:

  • Confirm if you are using any Load Balancers or Reverse Proxies?
  • If not, can you contact us via the following support page and provide us a copy of this web.config file to have a look at - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/support.aspx 




Click Studios

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Thanks - I've responded to your email, and hopefully we've provided you a fix.


It looks like we've included extra configuration items in this web.config file that are already present in the parent web.configs file, so we will look into this and fix it for the next release.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Click Studios

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