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"Checking credentials" is really slow and long


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Hi guys,

we are using PasswordState with an Active directory for authentication.


SQLSERVER and Passwordstate are on the same server and domain controllers are all on the same LAN.


the problem for me is that when users log on PasswordState, they have to wait for a long time on the login page saying "Checking credentials"


why is it always so long ? do you guys have the same issue ?


can you help me with that ?



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Hi Willy,


Sorry you're having some issues, but we have not had any other reports of this, nor have we experienced it ourselves.


Maybe try some trace routes from your web server to domain controller, to see if you can spot why it is taking a long time to authenticate. Maybe the tool like Wireshark will help as well, but it does take a little learning to understand the traffic monitoring aspects.


Click Studios

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