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Add Scheduled Report for Expiring Certificates/Passwords


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From time to time we get support calls surrounding the ability of Passwordstate, to notify Customers in advance, when certain Certificates/Passwords are due to expire.


The Below steps show how to set up a Scheduled Report for "what Passwords are Expiring soon"


1.  Select Scheduled Reports from the side Menu and under the Scheduled reports Header > click Add Report.




2. Under the Add Scheduled Report Header fill out the required information under report settings > select “What Passwords are Expiring soon” from the drop down box under Select Report Type




3. Set the frequency of the report.




4. Select which Password Lists you want to run the report for > Click Save report




5. The Scheduled Report should now be saved in your Scheduled Report List and you can run it Manually by selecting “Run Report Now” from the actions menu



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