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Hey guys,


I'm having trouble with changing the logo on our reset portal. Following the "Passworstate Security Administrator Manual" I've placed our logo at c:\inetpub\PasswordResetPortal\Content\assets\images\logo.png' , however the reset portal sources the logo from {safehost}/images/logos/logo.png. The safe host is only accessible internally and hence when loading the reset portal outside the network means the logo file is not found. 


I'm not sure how to force the logo file to come from c:\inetpub\PasswordResetPortal\Content\assets\images\logo.png on the the host serving the Password Reset Portal. Any help is appreciated!

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Hi jdiamond95,


Could you try restoring the default logo on the branding page, and click save.  Can you then copy your logo again to the server where you have the Password Reset Portal installed, in the c:\inetpub\PasswordResetPortal\Content\assets\images folder, and call it logo.png again?


Does that help at all?






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Hey, thanks for the quick response.


When I restore the default logo from the password reset branding page, the password state default logo returns but my logo remains at c:\inetpub\PasswordResetPortal\Content\assets\images\logo.png. Should this be happening? By the sound of your response, the logo.png should be replaced my the passwordstate logo.png

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Hello jdiamond,


To answer your question, yes this should be happening. We cannot copy logo files across to where the portal is installed, as we do not record the server name or path in Passwordstate - only the URL.

Can you please try refreshing the Application Pools in IIS for your Passwordstate web server (not portal), then see if your custom logo now shows for the portal?


Click Studios

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