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How to clear "Checked Out" status


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I have 2 accounts that a user checked out a while back but are now stuck in "Checked Out" state and will not allow others to check out the accounts.  I issued the "Expire Password Now" and they reset but the "Checked Out" status does not change.  Been search but to no avail.  Checked the admin manual and found it described the "Checked Out" use cases, meaning, etc. but does not explain how to force reset the status.


Does anyone here know how I can reset the status so other can check out the accounts?





Thanks in advance.



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On 1/22/2021 at 7:18 AM, support said:



If you navigate to the screen Administration -> Password Lists, and click on the appropriate Password List here, you can check them in as a Security Administrator.


Click Studios



How to Force Check in secret in newest build (Build 9823)?


Can`t click on the any Password Lists shown  on Administration -> Password Lists




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