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Applying Permissions - Am I Missing Something??!


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Hi All,


I am trying to establish a permissions process for our new installation of PasswordState. We will end up with around 75 password folders and 150-200 password lists (about 50 technicians using the portal across our organization).


We have folders that represent various sites and companies within our organization. Under each folder are shared password lists. Anywhere from several to several dozens. We are using group permissions to control who can access what password lists.


If I am correct, permissions cannot be placed on the password folder and then propagate to password lists beneath it similar to NTFS permissions. Instead control must be established on each password list individually?


For example, I have a password folder with 12 shared password lists. I would like to allow read access to all shared password lists in this folder, and assigned administrative access to an additional group for only 4 of those password lists. With NTFS I could assign read access at the root folder, allow it to propagate down and then assigned the additional elevated access for the specific folders. Passwordstate does not appear to follow a similar approach. Instead it appears I must manually set permissions on each list individually. If we have dozens of folders with several dozen lists in each, this is extremely cumbersome and time consuming, hence why I feel I am missing something simple.


Any guidance or at least confirmation would be appreciated.

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