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How do I know to whom am I sending an outage notification if I cant configure the recipients when I create the notification? I dont understand how email group notifications work!!!


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Hi there!


I want to understand how how email notifications work in Passwordstate, e.g. I want to send an outage notification to a specific set of users in the organization.


Where do I configure this?

Where do I see/know/configure the specific recipient group that I want to send my notification to?


I have been given the role of power user for this application but the more I navigate trough Passwordstate the more complex I find it to do simple stuff.


Can someone please help me and provide me some info or point me into the right direction.


Many thanks!!


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Hi Lennart,


Our feature that sends out the Outage Notification will by default send to all users who you see on the screen Administration -> User Accounts.


If you want to control this, you can use an Email Notification Group to disable this Email Template (Passwordstate Outage Notification) for select users - and here is an article of how to configure Notification Groups - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/community/index.php?/topic/2993-passwordstate-email-notifications-explained/

Click Studios


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