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Create Password List Enabled for Resets


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This forum post will describe how to create a Password List that is enabled for automatic Password Resets.  Creating a List with this option will allow you to add in accounts such as Active Directory, or Local Windows/Linux etc.  These accounts can then auto reset their password on a schedule of your choice, or can also be used with the Remote Session Launcher feature. 


Option 1:

When creating a Password List, by default you will be presented with a Wizard.  To create a Password List that is enabled for Rests, simply choose this Template:



Option 2:

If you have disabled the Wizard, you will be presented with the following screen when creating a new Password List.  You have the option to choose the "Enabled for Resets" template, or you can simply tick the option to "Enable Password Resets".  If you have an existing Password List, you can also tick this option to convert it to a List that is enabled for resets:



Now if you add in a new Password Record in this Password List, you'll see this "Account Type" field enabled.  This is a dynamic field and will accept different data, depending on what type of account you choose.  For example, if you choose "Active Directory" as the account type, you will be able to set a Domain.  By if you choose "Windows" as the account type, you will need to set a Server or a Desktop name.  Passwordstate will use this data to either connect to your domain, or your machine, to perform the password reset. 


Example 1:


Example 2:



It can also use the information with the Remote Session Launcher, to establish a remote session.  If you do not want Passwordstate to automatically recycle the Password for this account, simply uncheck this option:









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