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Examples of using hashed password retrieved via the API


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Currently working on a small script in which I would like to retrieve a password from PasswordState, and then use this to connect to a remote system to perform an action.


I have a few questions regarding this which may be outside of scope of this forum, but I thought I would ask them anyway.

  • I saw that PasswordState has the ability to return the passwords in several hash formats. I was wondering if anyone has any examples of how you would work with the hashed password once you retrieve it? I am currently working with PowerShell and have zero idea how I would use the hashed password once retrieved. I am not even sure how to search for examples on the web :(
  • How does retrieving the password as a hash compare to not retrieving it as a hash, but having the API call made of HTTPS? Or are they not comparable? I am making the assumption that the API results will be encrypted when the call is made over HTTPS. If there is no HTTPS then I would assume we shouldn't be doing any calls using the API. This is probably a stupid...



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Hello th.son.


The intention of a hash, is to compare one hash to another to confirm there is a match - so basically you need to know the value of your password credentials, hash that with one of the supported methods, and then compare that against the hash value we can return from our API. So this is not decrypting any data here.


And yes, you should always being using HTTPS when accessing Passwordstate, and our API :) 

We hope this helps.


Click Studios

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That makes sense now. Thank you for clarifying.

We basically we can't use it directly in any PowerShell scripts to authenticate unless we were keeping something locally. At least it seems that way anyway.


Good to know the option is there though.


Thank you again for your help. Sorry for the stupid questions.



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