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Manual download for build 8995


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Could someone point me in the direction of the upgrade file and process to get from 8993 to 8995? My current 8993 deployment wants to switch straight to V9 and I'm not ready for the license and functionality changes, and the manual download URLs I thought used to be on the change log are no longer there.

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Hi David,


Upgrading to version 9 is a two step process - first you will be upgraded to build 8995, and then given the option to upgrade to the latest build of version 9 if you want.


So just follow the normal upgrade process you've followed in the past, but leave it at 8995 when you are done.

PS: there are no changes in 8995 which you can use - just changes in preparate for V9 upgrade.


Click Studios

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Yeah I would also like to have the upgrade file for 8995 since it is nowhere to be found on this website. Can anyone please point me in the right direction?

The instructions on how to upgrade to 9 are not working as well (URL is not opening, attaching screenshot). 


Thank you!

ClickStudios - Error.png

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