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Is there an alternative method for connecting the mobile app to the server?


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The current mobile app will not properly scan the QR code on Google Pixel 4a phones. Images are elongated when using the in app QR scanner and thus will not scan properly. This does not appear to be an "Android" issue since it worked without issue on several other Android phones. Are there any plans to offer an alternative method to connect to the server when the QR code can not be scanned?

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Hello KC_BREC,


We did upload a new build to the Google store a couple of days ago - can you check if there is an update for this phone.

In this build we increase the tolerance for the phone's camera to scan the QR Code, and if it still fails, you would then be giving the opportunity to try different camera resolutions for your phone - in case the auto-detect resolution does not work for some reason.


Click Studios

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It could be that the app is not optimized for Google Pixel 4a phones, or there could be some other issue causing the QR code scanning problem. It's good to know that the issue doesn't seem to be limited to just the Pixel 4a since it has worked on other Android phones. As for alternative methods, you might want to try entering the server information manually into the app, if that's an option. That way, you can bypass the need for the QR code altogether. You can also use the Smart Engines app for QR scanning and OCR in general. You can use it for any future document scanning needs!

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