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Multiple Domain controllers in Active Directory Domain


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Hi Martin,


With that option for the domain controller, this is only for the synchronization process of User Accounts and Security Groups, and is not used for authentication.

We added this feature for customers as occasionally exceptions were raised where customers had issues communicating to their domain i.e. "server is not operational". So instead of using the default .NET Functionality of connecting to the "nearest" domain controller, we allowed you to hard code one.

By default, you should not need to specify any domain controller, unless you are seeing the issues above.


Click Studios

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Thanks. We had troubles with importing group via script actually. Randomly it connected with wrong DC which did not answer in a timely manner.


We use gMSA. I can see when gMSA is in the AD group, I cannot see it as a member in Passwordstate. I mean, I see other users but not gMSA.  I can add it only seperetely.  Is it worth to implement it in the new version or builds? 

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