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Password list count is different than displayed password lists in administration


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I was testing out Passwordstate before putting it into production and I noticed that the statistics showed one extra password list than it should:




There should only be 5 lists, not 6. When I go into the Passwordstate Administration > Password Lists and look under both shared and private, I only see 5 total.


I started to think well it's probably just a cache issue or something, but then I opened up SQL SSMS and I see 6 password lists in the table:




The test6 list is a list that belonged to a deleted test user. How come the password list wasn't deleted as well?



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Is 'test6' a Private List? You can view Private Lists on the screen Administration -> Password Lists, by clicking the appropriate "Show only" option.


If it is a Private List, it should have been deleted when the user's account was deleted.


Click Studios

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I'm not sure anymore if it was private or shared as I created a lot of various tests to familiarize myself with the product.


It's definitely not in the Administration > Password Lists. I've clicked the appropriate option to show either shared or private and it doesn't show up.


Should I just leave it or can I remove it out of the database manually? With the latter I'm worried about any relational tables it might be looking at or rely on.



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