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Build 9073 - email sent to every user for every password after reboot


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I rebooted the server hosting our passwordstate primary and app server, and upon rebooting passwordstate sent an email to every user for each shared list, saying that they'd been removed by my admin account, then that they'd been added to that list by my admin account, then for every password in that list, sent an email saying that it had been deleted, even though it hadn't.

Since our mail server was being slow I was able to disable mail after only the 12th email, but the audit log showed it was still trying to keep going.


Luckily it was on our test server that only has our IT department added as users, but now I'm terrified to put v9 in production.

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Hello Josh,

When performing a bulk delete it does notify other users in the List. For the CSV Import, you have the option of "Email all users who have access to this Password List informing them of the new records", where you can prevent this.


And, from the screen Administration -> Email Templates, you can also disable emails any time you wish to do things in bulk like this.


Click Studios

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