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Passwordstate Browser Extension keeps asking to save credentials

Fabian Näf

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Hi buddies,


A while a go a created the following feature request for Passwordstate 8. This topic is related to this feature request and to the issue I'm facing explained in the feature request.


The main problem I'm facing is, that the Passwordstate extension (mainly used with Firefox) keeps me asking to save credentials whenever there's a random password field somewhere on a website. Mostly it's the field for two factor authentication or when I'm using e.g. a user management with a random password field somewhere on the wesite. When changing to the next webpage the Passwordstate extension will ask me to save this "credentials" ("Add Site to Passwordstate?"). Just that there's a HTML passwod field somewhere on the page seams to trigger this popup.


As I've already saved my credentials, I don't want to save any more credentials.

The Passwordstate extensions always shows me three options:

"Later" -> I'll get the same message again next time

"Never" -> This helps, but it also will stop the extension from filling the form for other credentials, not what I'm looking for.

"Save" -> Not what I'm looking for, as the credential is just some random data and not a real credential.


This time around I try to log this issue as a question in the general support forum, rather then directly coming up with a feature request and a proposed solution.

What kind of action do you guys see that I could do to get rid of this annoying popup all the time ("Add Site to Passwordstate?")?


Best regards,




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