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Password reset disabled by license on 5 user version


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This is somewhat frustrating as I've not seen any obvious place that this policy has changed, but after a whole load of re-installs, debugging errors trying to find out why password resets are just sitting around and not actually being actioned....


A notification (which I assumed would be a new build or something) in the top right corner says:


"Password Reset Queue not processing due to no Active Maintenance Contract"


Any chance you can add this to the error log or somewhere it'll actually get noticed.


Also, what is the cost for maintenance on the free 5 user version and how can I buy it to (re)enable password resets?

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Am going to add that my frustration was due to the lack of notification. Having now found the magic incantation to search the forum, I see this is a discussed issue previously, but as I upgraded my instance before the final 8.9 build, I didn't get any notifications (else I'd not have upgraded before resolving!) that this was going to vanish.


Also putting the link in the client to purchase the $55 upgrade would have had me click on it straight away. Happy to pay the money, but not knowing I had to, frustrating as.



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Thank you, have updated and it is resetting passwords again.

Much appreciated.


I'll also be dropping a note to see how I can purchase the support as I do appreciate the software.  I do think adding a link in the license screen for free users would help.

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