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Customizing Menu Access for Groups or Users


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You are required to remove a menu item for all users, except for a particular team.



The Hosts menu, where discovery of assets and reset scripts can be applied, are not applicable to your Finance or HR departments.  These would only need to be accessed by your Information Systems Windows team.  Here we will turn off this menu item for all users, except the Windows Systems.


How Do I Do This?

  • Log in as a Security Administrator to Passwordstate
  • Click the Administration tab
  • Select Feature Access
  • Select Menu Access tab
  • Locate the Hosts menu and click Set Permissions


  • Select the Security Group option next to Search For
  • Search for your Windows Team Group in Active Directory (**note ensure you have this Security Group added to Passwordstate under Administration -> Security Groups**)
  • Use the arrows to add the Security Group to Applied Permissions, and remove the the *All Users and Security Groups option


  • Click Save




Only members of the Windows Team Group will now have visibility of the Hosts Menu items.




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