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Customizing Screens with a User Account Policy


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This tip will show you how to simplify the Password Home screen for all your users


How Do I Do This?


  • Log into Passwordstate as a Security Administrator
  • Click User Account Policies
  • Click Add
  • Type in a Policy Name and Policy Description for this policy
  • Click the home page and folder screen options TAB
  • Click the Organise Zones and Panels button under Dashboard Layout Settings


  • Deselect everything except for SEARCH PASSWORDS and FAVOURITE PASSWORDS


  • Click Accept and Close
  • Select False from the drop down list in Show the Password Statistics Chart


  • Click Save

Select the Actions Menu for your new User Account Policy and click View Permissions


  • Move the *All Users and Security Groups object to the Applied Permissions field


  • Click Save


Every user that has access to Passwordstate, will now have a simplified Passwords Home screen


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