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Recover DB backup 8792 to 9117 failed

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Hello, we lose our previuse passwordstate server and instaled new one (latest passwordstate aplication version 9117.)

Connected the latest DB backup (8792) to SQL server.

Configured database connection string, the SetupStage key and the Secret1 and Secret2 keys in new WEB.config file. This information was taken from backup.

After first login we get info about DB update up to 9117 version, and this update has failed.


Debug Information
Error: Invalid column name 'AgentUpgradeBuildNo'.
Stack Trace: at Passwordstate.Passwordstate.Upgrade.Build_9000_Updates()



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You cannot upgrade directly from that build of version 8 to version 9. The only build of version 8 you can upgrade to version 9 from us build 8995.


On the following page, please download the full install of build 8995, and install this on your new server. It will then upgrade your DB to build 8995.


You can then upgrade again to version 9, using section '6. Manual Upgrade Instructions' in the following document https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/version9/Upgrade_to_Passwordstate9_Instructions.pdf


Click Studios

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