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Upgrade error detected - It appears the file /upgrades/passwordstate_upgrade.zip is corrupt.


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Hello, Community.


Hoping someone out there knows how to fix this.


I'm running build 8993 on Win12r2.  Trying to upgrade to build 9117.

Single server, no load balancers.


I’m able to put Passwordstate in maintenance mode.  No problem there.

It succeeds in taking a backup and downloading passwordstate_upgrade.zip.

The it tells me passwordstate_upgrade.zip is corrupt, delete it, and try again.

- Stopping Passwordstate Windows Service.....
- Compressing and backing up web files.....
- Backing up database.....
- Removing old backup files.....
- Download started.....
- Extracting new files.....
- Upgrade error detected - It appears the file /upgrades/passwordstate_upgrade.zip is corrupt. Please delete this file and then restart the upgrade process again - Passwordstate will attempt to download this file again.

Please check/test your settings on the screen Administration -> Backups and Upgrades -> Settings button. There is also full documentation and troubleshooting steps in the Security Administrators Manual under the Help menu - refer to the section "Backups and Upgrades".


I’ve tried the things suggested.  I’ve deleted the zip file and restarted the upgrade process.  I’ve also successfully tested the Backup and Upgrade settings.


Can anyone help me resolve this issue?

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Hello Michael,


We've emailed all customers previously to let them know the In-Place Upgrade feature is offline for now, whilst we re-work the upgrade feature for our software.


You can still upgrade using the Manual Upgrade method, and please see instructions below for this.


  1. First delete the file c:\inetpub\passwordstate\upgrades\passwordstate_upgrade.zip if it exists
  2. Upgrading to latest build when using version 8 – ‘Section 6. Manual Upgrade Instructions’ - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/version9/Upgrade_Instructions.pdf

You first need to upgrade to build 8995, before you can upgrade to version 9. And please take note of the new System Requirements at the beginning of that document.


Click Studios

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Hello Cbalbuena,


All customers, including yourself, were emailed in August 2021, informing you of the new upgrade process - which is those upgrade instructions mentioned above.


Please follow these instructions for all future upgrades.


Click Studios

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I followed the manual install guide to the best of my knowledge and it still isn't working. The instructions say I will be directed to the database upgrade upon logging in, but this does not happen, and the regular upgrade still fails with the above error.

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Hi Daryl,


If you run our upgrader, it should prompt you to to also upgrade the database when you first access your web site.

If this is not the case, please log a support ticket here https://www.clickstudios.com.au/support.aspx, and provide the output of the following Health check script from here https://forums.clickstudios.com.au/topic/2518-passwordstate-support-information-script/



Can you also please provide a full screenshot of your browser, so we can see the URL being used.


Click Studios

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