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Version 9 - Mobile Extension Setting navigating back to PWS?


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I just updated to version 9 and like the improved mobility options.  Offline cache, a smartphone app, and browser connection are updated features that are highly welcome.  Nice work!  More of my staff is working remotely and having this ability is welcome!


I have a dual server setup, where the primary Passwordstate website is on our internal domain, and the App server is sitting in the DMZ.  I noticed that there's a new mobility setting to assign a URL that the Browser Extension.  Up until now, it's been a requirement that my users have needed to join the VPN to access their passwords. 


I noted the setting below that the Browser Extension can navigate people to an alternate URL (as specified above).  I was going to use the App Server's public URL as this will allow users to use their browser extension without VPN access.  However, if I modify the setting below, I don't believe they will be able to access the Password Web Site via the App Server URL.  Is this correct?  For example, they will be able to view and copy their passwords via the extension, but any modification/addition of passwords will still need to be done while on the VPN?  Or can the extension prompt to "save" a newly created password if using the App Server URL?



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Hello Mike,


With this setting, you get all the same features in the Browser Extension, as you do internally i.e. form-filling, saving new web site logins, and updating web site logins.

But when using the App Server URL like this, you do not get access to the full UI of Passwordstate, as this is installed internal to your network, and not in your DMZ.

I hope this clarifies.


Click Studios

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