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Scheduled Report for Successful Password Reset


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You have a Password List set up for automatic resets, and you'd like to be alerted by email when the scheduled resets occur.



Set up a scheduled report by following the instructions below:


Click Scheduled Reports -> Add Report


Select Custom Auditing Report, and choose the option to not send the report if it produces no results.  Consider including a CC email address, otherwise the report will be sent to you only.



Choose the schedule of your choice, in this example we are having the report daily at 8am.



Select the Password List where the passwords are stored, choose the Password Reset Successful activity type.  Only query the previous 1 day of auditing data, or match this value to the frequency of you report.   Select the Windows Service filter, and if you want to filter on one specific password record, consider the Filter By User Account or Description.



When the password for any account in this password list has been successfully updated by scheduled reset, you will now be emailed that this event has occurred.



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