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Mobile App Server Cant Connect to Main Server


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Hi Everyone


I cant seem to get the mobile app server to connect to the main server, I have followed the mobile app setup instructions exactly and turned off Windows firewall on both machines.  The main server is a domain member (Windows server 2019) and the mobile app server is a Windows 10 machine (not a domain member) .  The polling state under Authorised Web Servers always shows a red indicator and never goes to green.  When I try and browse to the mobile app server url http://pws.domain.com.au I get an SQL error complaining that it cant connect to the sql express instance.  I haven't setup an SSL cert yet and have just set the host file on both machines with the appropriate IP and domain name. 


Any troubleshooting tips or ideas on what I have done wrong?


Kindest Regards



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I seem to have it fixed, some pointers for anyone else:


SQL Express 2019 remote access turned off my default even if SQL Management Studio says its on, you have to enable TCP/IP AND set the SQL port as its blank by default, at least it was blank on my installation.






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