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Option for separate 'send from' address for self destruct messages


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If you go to the screen Administration -> System Settings -> Email Alerts & Options, there is the setting below:


With the Self Destruct Message feature, and Emailing Permalinks, send these emails via the Email Address of:
*The user who is logged into Passwordstate    *The mailbox account settings you see below on this page

Hopefully this helps.


Click Studios

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This does not help.

What this allows me to do is set a single email for ALL messages.

What i'd like to do is to have different 'from' adresses for different actions:

- normal passwordstate operation  like: password resets, notifications about activity etc. - e.g. 'passwordstate@example.com'

- self destruct messages - e.g. 'pass@example.com'


My usecase is that when sending passwords to users from other companies it'd be preferable to to have a 'simple' address (they don't know and don't need to know that we are using passwordstate specifically).


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