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Checking if a new version of Passwordstate is available


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If you have purchased Annual Support and Upgrade Protection for Passwordstate, then you are able to upgrade to all new minor and major versions. 


How Do I Do This?

Whilst being logged into Passwordstate, you will see a notification in the top left corner of your window advising of any new upgrades that are available.  You will also notice your current build number, which helps if you can report this to us when logging a support call.




You can check for new releases every 7, 14 or 30 days (or not at all), under the Administration -> System Settings -> check for updates tab.  You can also specify if you want all users to see these alerts, or just the Security Administrators of Passwordstate:




Finally, you can also hide the build number from normal users if you wish, under Administration -> System Settings -> branding tab:










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