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Build 9300 with the Edge/Chrome Extension


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Summary - the web extension never turns blue or black after upgrading the server from 9117 to 9300.


Looks like I busted something with the upgrade from build 9117 to 9300. Passwordstate itself is working as expected - it's all still branded / coloured correctly, and it does show up as build 9300.


The settings under Adminstration show that the browser extension is enabled for all:



But the extension (I'm using version 9117 from the Microsoft Edge store - https://microsoftedge.microsoft.com/addons/detail/pbbamlchainnpdodbeobfpgcpffpclka, on Edge 93.0.961.10 (Official build) dev (64-bit) in case it's relevant) stubbornly refuses to change from red to black even after a reinstall and clicking on the "Confirm" option for the URL. The server error console is empty.


Any suggestions?

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We have done the upgrade to 9300 and our website application pool was still running. However there are two other application pools, the PasswordstateWinAPI and the PasswordstateApps pools. The PasswordstateApps pool had been disabled. Re-enabling that allowed our users to access the extension and have it prefill normally


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Hi Guys,


We've tested this quite a few times, and all our App Pools are started after the upgrade has completed. We'll continue to do some testing to see if we can replicate the issue.


Can you check your Windows Application Event log at around the time of the upgrade, to see if there were any exeptions when trying to start the App Pools?


Click Studios

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