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Migrate V7.3 (Build 7393) to new domain


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Apologies in advance for using such an old version, but this is for such a small organisation that doesn't have the funds to upgrade.


We are migrating them from a Win 2008R2 domain with a .local suffix, and upgrading to Win 2019 domain with a new domain name called office.companyname.com.au


My questions is twofold:

- How can I associate the existing users within the database from the current Passwordstate logon which is tied to their existing domain to the new domain? For example, olddomain\jessica to jessica@company.com.au

- Secondly, is there anywhere I can download V7.3 from anywhere to install on the new server?





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We've just responded to this forum post in an email, but hopefully this response also helps out other users in the same situation - Please email Click Studios to request the domain migration documents.  We will try to publish these on our Click Studio Documentation Page as soon as we can.


Hi AwesomeDuke,


Thanks for your email, and please see below for answers to your questions:


To migrate across all your users, and all of the passwords permissions, you will effectively need to move your database from the old domain to the new domain.  This will migrate all passwords, users and permissions etc.  You will then need add in the new user accounts, and clone the permissions from the old account to the new account.


Below is a complete process we give to our customers when migrating Passwordstate to a new domain.  Please let me know if this will be okay for you? 


  1. On your old Passwordstate website, follow Step 1 of the attached one of the attached documents (either domain trust or no domain trust) which adds in the new domain
  2. Move the web server to the new domain and install build 8995:  https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/version9/Move_New_Web_Server.pdf
  3. Move the database using these instructions:  https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/version9/Move_New_Database_Server.pdf
  4. Log into the new website, It will prompt you to upgrade the database to 8995, which is an automated process.
  5. Follow step 2 of one of the attached documents to begin cloning permissions for all user accounts
  6. At this stage you should have Build 8995 running, and all users can log in with their new accounts and should be able to see everything.  You can now perform a upgrade to the latest build of Passwordstate 9, by following Section 3 in this document: https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/version9/Upgrade_Instructions.pdf


Please keep the old environment running until you can confirm 100% that your users are happy using the new environment.


Hope all goes well and please let us know if you run into any issues:)




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