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How to apply bulk permissions on multiple Password Lists


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You want to modify permissions on a number of Password Lists easily.  



You wish to give the Network Team View Permissions to all of the Desktop Team's Password Lists


How Do I Do This?


As a Passwordstate Security Administrator, select Administration -> Password Lists -> Administer Bulk Permissions




Search for your Network Team Security Group, highlight the search results, and you will see all of the available Password Lists




In the available Password Lists, search for a Folder which contains all of the Password Lists that you wish to apply the new permissions to.  In this example, our folder is called Desktop Team:




Highlight all of the lists available and use the relevant arrow to move the Lists into View Permissions area.  Click Save when done.




Now when a member of the Network Team security group logs into Passwordstate, they will be able to see all of the Desktop Team Password Lists.






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