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High Availability website quickly logging out after upgrade


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You have the High Availability module of Passwordstate, so you have two Passwordstate websites and two SQL databases replicating data in real time. You perform an upgrade to both servers and when logging into the second server it quickly logs you out to the log out screen.



When upgrading your second server, you should never be prompted to upgrade the database.  There’s a few reasons that this may have happened for you which I’ll list below:


  1. Did you log into your Primary web site after you upgraded the install files?  If you didn’t then next time please ensure you do, as this will then prompt you to automatically upgrade the database.  At this point you will then need to re-establish SQL replication (if you are using transactional), and then the primary database will mirror across to the second database, also effectively upgrading it to the latest build.
  2. Possibly you did not re-establish Transactional Replication after upgrading the primary instance.  If you are using transactional replication this must be re-established before upgrading second server install files.
  3. Possibly SQL replication was not working at all before you attempted the upgrade. To confirm if SQL Replication is working well, could you please use SQL Management Studio Tolls and connect to both of you database servers, and run the following SQL Command:


select count(*) from auditing


This will give you a count of the auditing events from both databases, and the value should either be identical, or very similar if replication is working.




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