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Moving existing DB to new installed Server and OS


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we have two installations on server 2016. One is active and uses a shared sql-2012 installation, the second server is passive and read only. We are on version 9073 and want to install both installations new and with actual versions with an own sql express server.


My question now is... is it supportet to install both server (active and passive-read-only) with sql express? And how can we import-export the database from the native sql to the sql-epress installation?


We want to install two new server 2019 and a fresh, actual version from passwordstate.


Thanks for help!


Best regards,


tha REAL Keith

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The bare minimum requirement for SQL High Availability is your primary SQL Server needs to be SQL Server Standard and above, and the HA SQL Server can be using SQL Express. This is an active/passive configuration.

We have various instructions on the following page for SQL Server High Availability, and also for doing moves of our software https://www.clickstudios.com.au/documentation/


Click Studios

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