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Possible GUI bug on Password List Properties page

Alex VanderWoude

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I have noticed something odd in both build 9112 and 9350, but I'm not sure if it is something I don't understand or if it is a genuine bug.


We have defined a Password Generator Policy named "CX Default Password Policy" that we use on pretty much every Password List (although there are exceptions).  The thing is, when I look at such a Password List's Properties page it shows me that the Password Generator Policy is "My Personal Generator Options", not the one we want.  If I look in the Passwordstate database, it reports the correct generator policy!  So I suspect a bug in the GUI.


I used the following query to examine the Password Lists we have defined:

  case pl.PrivatePasswordList when 1 then 'Private' else 'Shared' end ListType,
  plt.PasswordList PasswordListTemplate
  dbo.PasswordLists pl
  left join dbo.PasswordGenerators pg
      on pg.PasswordGeneratorId = pl.PasswordGeneratorId
  left join dbo.LinkedPasswordLists lpl
      on lpl.PasswordListId = pl.PasswordListId
  left join dbo.PasswordListTemplates plt
      on plt.PasswordListTemplateId = lpl.PasswordListTemplateId
where pl.Folder = 0  -- Only leaf nodes
order by lower(pl.PasswordList)


Here is a snippet of the output data:


In the Passwordstate website when I navigate to Administration > Password Lists, choose the cc-CSP list, and use the little triangle widget to go to the Password List Properties page, the following is displayed:



As can be seen, the Password Generator Policy is not displaying "CX Default Password Policy", much to my surprise.


Note that cc-CSP is not based on a template, while cc-HEN is.  That doesn't seem to make any difference in the behavior I'm wondering about other than changing whether or not the fields on the Properties page are editable.


Does anyone have any idea what is going on here?  It seems like the GUI is misreporting what is in the database, but perhaps I simply don't understand something.  For the record, I attempted to look for existing issues like this on the forums, but I was not able to find any.  That makes me suspect that I'm doing something weird, because if this was an actual bug surely somebody would have noticed it before!


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Hi Alex,


Thanks, and I think we found the bug for this. 

We believe what's happening here is that in the Passwords Navigation Tree, you have a Password List highlighted (selected). You then right-click on another Password List, and select 'Edit Properties'. We can replicate this under this condition.


If you first clicked on the other Password List, and then selected 'Edit Properties', then the bug does not exist. Can you confirm, and we'll work on fixing this in the next release.


Click Studios

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I'm not sure how to highlight a Password List except by moving my mouse over it.  That makes the background go darker, which I suppose is a highlighting of sorts.  But in order to even click on that triangle icon, the mouse is necessarily "over" the row, and thus highlights it.  There is no way to click the row and make it have a persistent selection color.  Here's what it looks like to me:




As you can see, the light colored row is now greyed out, and the icon goes red when my mouse pointer touches it.  I can then click on that icon and choose "Edit Password List Properties", and in the page that appears the Password Generator Policy is incorrect as described in my original post.


The only thing that is properly highlighted is the "Password Lists" item in the left-most list.  Is that what you are talking about?  Because if so, I don't see how to not have it highlighted.


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Ah, I see.  I navigated to the Passwords tab, and then to the above two Password Lists.  Sure enough, when I select one in the tree, right-click on the selected name, and choose "Edit Properties", the page shows the correct value in the Password Generator Policy field.


So it appears that the problem is indeed in the GUI, but only on the Administration > Password Lists side of things.  That's good to know, it means I don't have to panic and start changing our existing Password Lists.


Thanks for the feedback, and hopefully the fix for this can be added to the next release.  After all, how big can your bug list possibly be, right?  ;)


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