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Permissions on new folders

Robert Olsen

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I have a folder named 'Admin' which configured to use the Advanced permissions model. Most users have View permissions on that folder, and I allow users with View permissions to create subfolders under that folder.

Users are able to create subfolder, but the permissions on the subfolder is inherited from the parent. Which means the users are unable to change the permissions and create password lists. I know I can allow users with View permissions to create password liste, but that is not something a want to do.


In Passwordstate 8, when you created a new folder, the person creating the folder was assigned administrator permissions. This does not happen anymore. Is this change in behaviour by design or a bug?

The way it is right now, users are able to create folders, but not able to create password lists or change permissions on the new folder. Which is pretty useless.


For password lists, you have the following option:

When a new Shared Password List is created, apply the following permission to the user who created the list:


The same option should be available for folders as well.



Best regards,


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Hi Robert,

This is by design in version 9, when you are using the Advanced Permission Model. That feature you've mentioned above only applies to the Standard Permission Model, as the Advanced Permission Model replicate permissions down the tree structure.

You will need to elevate the user's permissions on the parent folders, if you are wanting to allow them to do this. Or, use the Standard Permission Model instead - which you can convert back to.


Click Studios

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