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Simplifying the Passwordstate User Interface (UI)


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This forum post will describe how to simplify the user interface, and remove certain sections for users that only need to use the basic functionality.


Step 1:

All menus on on the left hand side of your screen can either be hidden, or disabled for one or more users.  For example, you may have a user who is never going to use the Account Discovery feature:



You can completely remove this single menu item from under Administration -> Feature Access by selecting the Hide option, and then remove the users permissions as per below screenshot.



As you can see in the above screenshot, you could also remove the entire Tools Menu if you wish.


**Tip** When applying permissions in this manner, consider applying permissions via Security Groups.


Step 2:

All Users by default will have the Hosts tab available.  But generally speaking, this tab would only be used for people in the IT department that will use it to remote into servers and devices on the network. 



A standard user would normally not need to use this feature, so you can remove the tab by removing permissions from Administration -> Feature Access:



Step 3:

User Account Policies (UAP) in Passwordstate are similar to Group Policy on a Windows Domain.  ie, you'll set a series of settings within a User Account Policy and then apply then apply that policy to one or more users. Again, it's always best practice to use Security Groups for this.


An example of setting up a UAP can be found here: https://forums.clickstudios.com.au/topic/2994-user-account-policies-explained/



Some settings that you can configure in a User Account Policy can be seen below:


Setting #1 - A14

These Blue arrows, and Red crosses indicate the Advanced Permission Model is being used:



Setting A14 in your User Account Policy will permanently hide these icons:




Setting 2 & 3: B4 and B6

One all Password Lists, by default, users will see a Recent Activity Grid, showing all auditing information for that Password List.  They will also see a Pie Chart shows some statistical information. 



Both of these can be removed by configuring Settings B4 and B6:




Setting #3: C1 and C2

On the Passwords Home Page there's 4 grids and a Statistic Chart



Each of these grids and/or the Chart can be hidden using Settings C1 and C2




Hopefully this helps simplify the User Interface, and any feedback is welcome to Click Studios Support.






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