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Retrieving AD security groups over api not working


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im currently working on a powershell script. I want to search for an ad security group. I'm using the normal API. As given in the documentation, I tried this Request.


 $PasswordstateUrl = 'https://passwordstate/api/getsecuritygroup/?search=finance'
  Invoke-Restmethod -Method GET -Uri $PasswordstateUrl -Header @{ "APIKey" = "<apikey>" }

But im getting the following error response: "No HTTP resource was found that matches the request URI ... ., No type was found that matches the controller named 'getsecuritygroup'." I'm using the security group api key which I generated.


I cannot figure out what the point of failure is. Can anybody help me ?


Best regards


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Hi Simon,


Thanks for bringing this to our attention, as our documentation is incorrect for these GET Methods. Please use the URL format below, and we will update this for the next release:


Active Directory Security Groups
$PasswordstateUrl = 'https://passwordstate/api/securitygroup/getsecuritygroups/'


Local Security Groups
$PasswordstateUrl = 'https://passwordstate/api/securitygrouplocal/getsecuritygroups/'

Thanks again.


Click Studios

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