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New host connection launches in new browser tab (Browser Based Launcher)


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I am just getting familiar with the browser based launcher. I successfully ran Install-Gateway-Internal.ps1 on my server.


Now when I launch a remote session, a new tab gets opened. It looks like this:



Now I noticed that when watching this YouTube guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_PHLAfQe7c (at minute 03:10), it looks completely different. The new tab is opened within Passwordstate, i.e. there is no new browser tab:




I prefer the latter approach. Is it possible to configure Passwordstate like this?

(The video is from 2018 and made with Passwordstate 8. Maybe the developers changed this?)


I am running Passwordstate 9360. It's the same behavior with Firefox, Chrome and Edge.


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added time stamp for YT video
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