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Unable to use password list's "Export All Passwords"

Alex VanderWoude

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I want to export all the passwords from a particular password list, so I navigated to that password list and used the "List Administrator Actions..." dropdown to select the "Export All Passwords" item.  Sadly, it is disabled:




I poked around to see if I could figure out what is disabling that item.  First I ensured that the user I'm logged in as has admin rights on that password list.  Here is that list's permissions:




As can be seen, that's me at the top of the list of admins.


Next I looked at Administration > System Settings > password list options:




Looks like that is set to allow exports.


So what is causing that item to be disabled?  Is there some other setting that could be interfering here?  If it helps, we're using build 9381.


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I found the option:




As soon as I enabled "Allow Password List to be Exported", the option was enabled on the dropdown list.  Thanks very much!


You know, this might be a pretty good item to have in the FAQ.  Something like:

"How can I export my password list when the option to do that is disabled?"

And then describe the various things that might be causing that.


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Thanks Alex.


Could be a large number of FAQs if we do document changes to all the default settings :)


For the next build, we've changed the wording for the popup tooltip to read "Exporting Passwords has been disabled for this Password List. Please edit Password List properties to re-enable if required."



Click Studios

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