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Windows API Access to Password Lists with "Use Separate Password" Authentication Type

Jason Shiflet

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Is there a way to access password lists using the Windows API when the password list has been set with the Authentication Type of "Use Separate Password"?


We use that as an extra layer of control, and we don't want to use Standard API Keys to enable access to the lists since those keys allow single-point authentication if someone manages to get a hold of it.

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Hi Jason,


Unfortuantely we do not support those Password List authentication options within our API(s). To clarify some functionality you might be able to use:

  • You can have per Password List API Keys - you do not need to create the System Wide API Key if you do not wish to use it
  • You can enable Two-Factor Authentication for both of our API(s) - but this applies to all calls to the API(s)
  • Or you can use our Windows Integrated API, as this does not use API Keys

Hopefully one of these suggestions will help.


Click Studios


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