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Browser Addon Feature Suggestion


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I prefer going to the browser addon and clicking on an applicable credential and having it autofill into the browser fields. The constant pain is that I would have to go back up to the addon again to copy the OTP and paste it in.  It would be great if I select the autofill, it would then automatically fill in the credentials and then copy the OTP to clipboard so I can just paste it in right after hitting login with the autofil.


A second suggestion is to reduce one click in the addon. Break the menu down so that the current menu structure has 4 sections instead of the 3 that currently exists.  Section one would display clickable applicable credentials to autofill in a form, section two would include a "add current site and credentials" with password generator. Section 3 would include preferences and settings and to include help and about. Section 4 would be the logout.


I also would like the capability to have the password generator remember the last 3-4 entries that were generated and is session persistent (if the addon was logged out, the next time it logs in - it still has the last session's generated passwords). I often find that i lock myself out because something occurred during the process and I forgot to paste the generated password to a temporary notepad or area to be recorded later.


Please and thank you.

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Hi Fabian,


We did have an issue with the 'Report Site Issue' from the browser extension itself for a while.


So could you please log a support ticket here https://www.clickstudios.com.au/support.aspx, explaining the issues you are having, and we will look into them. Can you confirm if you also see the issue in Chrome, or is it only Firefox?


Click Studios

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