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Push Notifications - Can One Time Password be configured to support this


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We are looking at implementing a MFA solution for access to Passwordstate.  We currently leverage an 'authenticator' app (supporting both Google &Microsoft) for a couple of solutions.

As such we are looking at the One Time Password (TOPT) capability that Passwordstate supports.


Some uses prefer the push-notification capability, as it provides a better user experience.   I've been researching and found a the following article:


Wondering if this capability is possible for TOPT?


Thanks... Scott

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Hi Scott,


Push notifications are not part of the standard for TOTP or HOTP, so unfortuantely this is not possible?


Can we ask if you are also authenticating to Azure? If so, you can use our SAML Authentication integration for this, and then you could use the Push Notifications.


Click Studios

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