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Reset Webbased Application accounts


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I don't know if this request makes any sense. I can imagine the application(s) need to have some kind of standardized API to fulfill this request but i just wanted to drop the question here, maybe there's other paths to follow that I'm not aware off.


For example we have a ServiceNow instance that is AD integrated. But it also has an emergency local system admin account you can use when the AD integration fails.

We would like to have this password reset regularly and wonder if Passwordstate has an option for this. Since i cannot find anything in the manuals it's probably not there but maybe it's an option for the future?

ServiceNow is an cloud application, mainly reachable via a webbrowser but it also provides integrations via a so called mid server to perform tasks in the instance.

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Hello Ronald,


In Passwordstate, you have the ability to add in your own PowerShell scripts, to perform password resets and account heartbeats.


In the following document https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/version9/Passwordstate_Privileged_Account_Management_Manual.pdf, have a look at section 15, or 16 for SSH, as this should help.


Scripts can be added on the screen Administration -> PowerShell Scripts.


Click Studios

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