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Prevent user to view specific password


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Hey there,


we are evaluating Passwordstate at the moment. The security concept looks good for us, but we had scenario where we need help ;)


I´ve created a shared password list "MyTestCompany" with the following permissions (All out technicians are in the security group "AllInternalTech"):



How can I prevent the user "tester" from being able to see one specific password from the list. He should be able to see all passwords from "MyTestCompany" but not the "GlobalAdminPassword"



Is there any way to realize that?


Thanks and greetings from Germany!

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Thanks for your request. With our software, you can grant access to individual password records, instead of giving access to the entire Password List, but we do not have the concept of being able to deny access to individual records.


So you could instead grant access to individual records, or you could split the records between different Password Lists as well - you can copy, move or copy and link records between different Password Lists.


Hopefully one of these suggestions help.


Click Studios

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