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Free license no response


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I just finished my first 30 days as a free user and I'm now locked out of the passwordstate database due to needing a key. I've emailed sales@clickstudios.com.au to request the Free 5 licenses for our small business but have not heard back and its been a couple weeks. Has anyone else had trouble getting the free passwordstate license? Would anyone at passwordstate be able to reach out and help me get the license?



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Hello mfc,


We've just responded to your request, asking for the desired Registration Name for your license keys - below is an example of what we request from all customers, and we need you to fill out these details.

"I would like to continue using the Free 5 User version of Passwordstate, and are requsting a license key made out to the following Registration Name:

Registration Name: <Enter Your Desired Registration Name Here> "


Click Studios

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