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Dell iDrac 9 Firmware 4.40+ issues with Password resets.


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Error Message Reported when resetting password in iDrac:


(From Customer) It seems that your reset script for Dell iDRAC is not working with newer iDRACs - I've just tried to reset password on Dell R440 (iDRAC 9 version and got following error:

The Passwordstate Windows Service failed to process the Password Reset Script 'Reset Dell iDRAC Account Password' against Host '10.0.x.x' for the account 'root' (xxxx). As a result, no changes have been made to this record in Passwordstate. Error = Failed to execute script correctly against Host '10.0.x.x' for the account 'root'. Final Error Capture = ERROR: RAC1281: Unable to run the command because an invalid command is entered. The command "racadm config" entered is not supported on iDRAC "" and later versions. Run the "racadm set" command to complete the "configuring iDRAC configuration parameters" operation. For information about the "racadm set" command, run the following RACADM command: "racadm help set".



Below is an excerpt from an email sent to our customer regarding the issue:

Unfortunately in newer versions of iDRAC firmware, specifically from version 4.40 onwards, Dell have removed the functionality from their command line options to dynamically retrieve the ID for each user accounts.


There’s quite a lot of negative feedback about it online.  Dell have not responded on why the functionality was removed but we assume it's some sort of security measure Dell have decided to implement.  


The issue is it now results in not being able to perform automatic resets on those accounts with Passwordstate.


We were waiting on Dell to respond and add the functionality back in. 



Click Studio's is investigating a work around for this.  Please check our Changelog periodically for updates to the Dell iDRAC reset script issue.




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