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Login URL to login with a local account


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I have setup SAML for some of the account but have a local account that has full admin access, but everytime I try an login with the standard url I get logged in with my SAML based account.  How can I get a login window so I can login with the local admin account?

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The only way possible to login with different local accounts when using SAML is to disable Anonymous Authentication for the web site in IIS.


Then you can set a different authentication option for this user, or create them a User Account Policy for the different authenticaiton option.

Please note if you do disable Anonymous Authentication for the site, this can cause issues authenticating for non Windows machines. The following forum post also has some suggestions if you do get authentication prompts in your browser for Windows machines - https://forums.clickstudios.com.au/topic/152-why-am-i-being-prompted-to-enter-my-authentication-details/


Click Studios

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